The Information Future and Donald Kerry Frey

December 30, 2016
Successful tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey has developed two of the most innovative information websites anywhere online, in Nova Tribune ( and Frey Robotics ( The Frey Robotics site was founded on the principled belief that informing people with regard to the current state of technology might spark innovation and that innovation is always positive because it solved a problem. As technology like robotics moves forward, simple tasks can be done more efficiently and effectively, which can improve everyone’s future.

Likewise, Donald Kerry Frey’s news site, Nova Tribune, attempts to work from a different angle and approach, in that the site tries to present the news from both sides, informing them in a way that everyone can relate to. By seeing all sides of every issue from all sides, readers will better understand the best ways to think about things and are less likely to be pushed into one direction or another. Donald Kerry Frey’s tech entrepreneurial background surely gives him enough of the knowledge and the resources necessary to make these two sites successful, which means that he will be able to help shape the world around him.

Donald Kerry Frey Creates The Nova Tribune

September 25, 2016
Being up to date on current issues is important in a developing time like the one we are in. If you have ever began a search for information than you understand why Donald Kerry Frey founded The Nova Tribune ( There were very few, if any sites in which one could read articles that offered both sides of an issue with both parties opinions being evenly represented. Donald Kerry Frey decided that if he created a space where readers could go and hear the information evenly, he could help the public to form educated opinions without bias about important issues.

Donald Kerry Frey Bio

June 29, 2016
The tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey has always seen himself as having a passion for information and a desire for better information consumption. He believes it is possible for everyone to better understand the consumption of information and to learn how to use that information to make the world a better place.

That is one reason why Donald Kerry Frey is the founder and owner of both Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( is because he believes that informing people about the current state of technology might spark in them something that makes them more likely to accept the reality that robotics are the future. He also believes that a balanced approach to information is always the best way to become an informed citizen.

Donald Kerry Frey created the news site Nova Tribune because he didn’t see much balance in most news sites. He wanted to present the news in a way that approaches all issues with an even hand. While most news sites approached the news from either one side or another, he envisioned The Nova Tribune presenting the news from the perspectives of both sides of any argument. He sees the news site as an alternative to news consumers, one that informs them through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests.

It is Donald Kerry Frey’s significant background as a tech entrepreneur that provides him with the wisdom and the resources to make successes of both Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune and it is his desire to keep informing people with these two sites and perhaps many more, for many years to come. Information is power, and he wants the public to be powerful.

Articles from Both Sides

March 27, 2016
If you want a website that provides articles from both sides of a current issue, The Nova Tribune is the place to go. Donald Kerry Frey, a tech entrepreneur and currently the owner of The Nova Tribune ( wanted to design a website that gave people options. Frey feels that every side of a political party wants to do and make decisions founded on what they believe is right, acknowledging that sometimes there is personal interest involved as well, it is in this understanding that he created The Nova Tribune.

Where can you currently go for news that presents issues evenly? There were no sites in which one could read articles that established both sides of the parties in regards to the issues so that the public could try to form an educated opinion. There are many articles and news stories that are being biased by personal opinions or simply motivated by personal goals in general. This is where the idea for the founding of The Nova Tribune came from: a website that provides you with news, entertainment, music, and fashion articles from a plethora of sources and backgrounds.

Donald Kerry Frey continues to work to give people an alternate news source that both informs and educates utilizing articles written from multiple fields. His background as a tech entrepreneur has made him well prepared to take on the task of sharing articles from dissimilar views which also allows his readers to make informed decisions regarding their views on the issues.